Wedding Day Coverage

Our approach at Shining Star Media is to film as discreetly as possible.  We do not wish to “stage” action just for the video, but capture your day genuinely, as the events unfold.  This is your day.  This is your story.

Pre-wedding Footage

Some of the most memorable moments happen before the wedding even begins.  The moment the bride sees herself in the mirror as THE BRIDE.  Lifelong friends by your side once again as you prepare to step into the next chapter of your life.  We love to capture the emotions and excitement as the day unfolds.  Pre-wedding coverage starts up to three hours before the ceremony begins.  That is typically the timeframe of the bride stepping into her dress, the bride and groom seeing each other (if the couple chooses to do so) and pictures being taken.  Want to start earlier?  Let us know when we discuss the details of your day.

Ceremony Footage

Your disc includes your ceremony from start to finish.  During the ceremony we will place our cameras in a way that will not detract from the most important thing: the two becoming one.  Each wedding package includes a two-camera setup for the ceremony.  The groom is provided with a wireless lapel microphone that feeds audio directly to the camera.  This microphone picks up audio from the bride, groom and the minister.  During post-production this audio is mixed with the audio from the second camera resulting in a rich, well-balanced sound for your video.

Reception Footage

You will want to remember all the main events at your reception: special dances, cake cutting, toasts, bouquet and garter toss plus everything in between.  It’s a great chance for us to capture the faces of the people who came to celebrate your special day with you.  Packages include up to three hours of reception coverage.  Plan to party longer than that?  We can work that out.  Some couples choose to do a “fake leave” a couple of hours into the reception.  That way the majority of your guests (including grandparents and families with young children) get to experience your grand exit even if they aren’t able to stay and dance the night away.

Wedding Day Highlights

Each package includes a chapter on your disc called Wedding Day Highlights.  This is your entire day edited down to about five minutes and set to music licensed by  Consider it icing on the cake.


Most finished videos have a total run time of one to one and a half hours.